Technical Information

Sphere Project and
International standards

Ctents, 450
Ctents, 600

Technical characteristics
Professional campaign tent
suitable for hot and cold

Sizes, dimensions and
Ctents 450×225 cm,
10,13 m2 inner surface
and 3 m2 porch covering.
Door height, 1.90 m.
Inner height, 2.00 m.
Total height, 2.20 m.
Weight, 70 kg (basic
equipment, additional kits
not included).

Ctents 600×300 cm,
18 m2 surface and
6 m2 porch covering.
Door height, 2.10 m.
Inner height, 2.20 m.

Total height, 2.50m.
Weight, 99 kg (basic
equipment only, additional
kits not included).

Ctents is a campaign tent
that can be joined together
with other tents of same
size, in order to multiply the
available surface by the
number of chosen units.

Materials, structure and
Every campaign tent is
compound of:
Unfolding base structure,
made of 60x20mm
laminated zincated steel for
model 600 and 40x20mm
one for model 450.

Tent arches and porch:
18 mm fibreglass ribs for
model 600 and 16 mm for
model 450.
Mechanised rib connecting
cylinders in stainless steel

PVC, 550 gr/m2 waterproof
and hermetic, tray height,
20 cm
White color.

Tent body:
Polycotton 280 gr/m2; with
protective treatments.
Natural white color.

Windows and ventilation:
Closing fabric with velkro.
PVC mosquito net.
Door with double pull tub
Ceiling ventilation.

Waterproof, Polyester and
PVC 300 gr/m2
White natural color.

Frontal porch
Polyester PVC 300 gr./m2
White color.

Included Accessories
Air-conditioning system

Front and rear panels with
zippers for opening and for
modules junction.

Transport bag
(120 x40x30 cm),
containing the whole set of
tent parts.

Optional Accesories
Inner separating curtains.
Window protective plastic
Strong winds or snow
overload protective
structural kit.

No tools or machinery
time, 10/15 minutes.

IL CARACT ingles

More Information

Wind, rain, snow, hail
Wind, with anchoring
structure it can stand winds
over 80/90 km/h.
Snow load, up to 6 cm
width (100 kg/m2).
Rain, no limit depending on
chosen fabrics.
Hail, no limit depending on
chosen fabrics.

Another structure details
Both models have a
zincated steel base
structure instead of
traditional wind ropes,

what make it possible to
move the tent once it is

Aerial structure is
compound of fibreglass ribs
(16 and 18 mm diameter)
and junction pipes made
out of stainless steel, the
structure is flexible and
resistant enough to stand
gusts of wind and recover
its original form later.

Another element that avoids
wind displacing the tent is
the weight of contained
equipment inside.

Tent body is joined to its
structure with straps in 20
different points. All the
straps together can stand a
traction force of 20 t (20.000
kg). For stronger snow
loads or gusts of wind a
reinforcement kit for main
arches is available.

European, American and
Military (air cargo) approved
pallet dimensions.
Terrestrial transport inside
Spain (Penninsula).

Terrestrial or aerial
transport to other UE
countries or rest of Spanish
F.O.B. aerial or maritime
transport to the rest of the
world, unless other agreed.

Post sale
Spare parts.
2 years warranty.