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Ctents Warranty

E. Rebull S.A. Offers a 2 year legal warranty plus an extra year towards manufacturing defects.

This warranty does not include any of the following:

Misuse of the tent, ordinary wear and tear from use, or damage arising from (but not limited to) mould, mildew, inconsequential spot leakage, pole failure not caused by defective workmanship, ultraviolet exposure, fire, stove/air conditioner use, improper assembly, storage, inclement weather conditions including (but not limited to) ice, snow, hail, wind, and lightening or for not following the maintenance instructions.

In the case of misplaced or damaged parts of the tent, a replacement can be sent out in a maximum period of 30 days.

Regarding damaged items: If it cannot be resolved who is responsible for the defect, the effected item will be sent to our technical assistance service (SAT) to analyse and evaluate, and determinate whether it corresponds to the warranty cover.

If you find a defect upon delivery of your tent (before use), you will need to contact our customer support department, where they will ask you for a photograph of the damage and we will proceed to change or substitute the affected item immediately.

Cost of return shipping for warranty items is at the responsibility of the customer. Cost of delivery of goods repaired or replaced under warranty may be covered by CTENTS.

Esta entrada está disponible en: spanish english