Ctents Plus Comfort 600 x 640, tent

Take full advantage of space in this tent, creating different areas to relax giving the privacy you need

It’s up to you the way you arrange your things on holidays… but here´s a nearly 40 square meters tent for you to give it a thought.


Provisioning and materials
Waterproof double roofing in PVC and polyester, adjustable in height and temperature
Breathable 350gr/m2 waterproof poly-cotton body
Zipper door
Windows with fiberglass mosquito nets and rain protectors
125 cm veranda in beige colour 350 gm/m2 poly-cotton
250gr/m2 Reinforced floor
Stainless steel anchorages with attachments for different kinds of floors
Demountable structure composed by solid fibreglass rods

Length: 640 cm
Width: 600 cm
Inner height: 230 cm
Exterior height: 270 cm
Surface: 40 m2

Fabric weight: 72 kg
Structure weight: 32 kg

Two 80x50x50 cm boxes for fabric and metallic pieces
Two 175 cm cardboard tubes for rods

Camping, Glamping, guest´s lodge, adventure camps, professional camps …

See accessories
We recommend the demountable base, optional, if the tent is thought to be relocated frequently. See set up video, option 2

Inner arrangements suggestions according to its uses
1.    Suite for 2 people. Double bed, wardrobes, armchairs and a sofa
Dining table and chairs. Auxiliary table in kitchen. Exterior hammocks
2.    Ambulatory care centre for up to 12 people:
Six bunk beds, two tables, dividing curtains and 12 chairs for the waiting area.
3.    Self service canteen for up to 24 people:
Three tables, twenty four chairs, cupboards and auxiliary tables for the dining services. Exterior dining tables with armchairs
4.    Customer service office:
Two “L” shape desks, with office chairs and. Space for document storage. Exterior and interior waiting areas.

Ctents Plus Comfort model 600×640 includes a 300gr PVC double roofing with an efficient airflow system or green-house effect which protects the tent´s body from sun or rain with a 50cm height air chamber.

The tent´s body is made of 350gr hydrofuged poly-cotton and it also comes windows with mosquito nets and additional outer protection against rain and a double zipper door.

It also features a 160cm veranda and a 240gr/m2 reinforced PVC flooring shaped as an inverted tray to avoid flooding.


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