Tiendas de campaña Ctents Square

This tent is very adaptable and suitable for anything you can think of!

These tents grow in using surface and inner height for every model
It includes a simple roofing and a mosquito net door.
It´s anchorages and structure are made of fibreglass.
Optional base can be purchased when then tent is thought to be transported frequently
The longest rod measures 148cm and the average packaging box is 40x40x40

Medidas :

  • 300 x 300
  • 350 x 350
  • 400 x 400
  • 450 x 450


We offer four models in four different sizes. :
Square 300×300. Inner space: 9 m2. Weight: 24,20 kg
Square 350×350.  Inner space: 12,25 m2. Weight: 29,20 kg
Square 400×400.  Inner space: 16 m2. Weight: 36 kg
Square 450×450.  Inner space: 20,25 m2. Weight: 44 kg

Square Ctent in its smallest size can be used as an auxiliary tent for others, such as, a Jacuzzi protector or as a main tent when purchasing the bigger sizes. Always with a simple roof.

Unalterable materials
Solid fibreglass structure
Stainless Steel metallic pieces
Tent´s body made of Polyester cotton
Armed PVC floors and double roofing

It admits any distribution proposals you can think of. It grows in inner living space and height in its four models.

Simple roof. Door with mosquito net

Optional demountable base can be purchased if the tent is thought to be relocated frequently. It also features fibreglass rods and stainless steel anchorages, the package comes in a 40x40x40cm box that fits easily in a car.



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